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au.dgm pointers to be pointed!

1. Road is Maria's biological let's-not-go-there daughter from a longlost let's-really-not-go-there marriage.
2. Allen does not know this yet.  Poor Allen, I hear?
3. Just wait until he doooes (which is probably why he wants nothing to do with their marriage in the first place).

Ω ...

If you're evermore curious about my extreme geek out:
Because Allen is terrified of Road (except when they are putting jigsaws together), she has made it her number one priority to, one, marry him tie him down for playtiemz, and two, natch, terrorize him before, during, and after marriage. She takes after her mother, you see.  Cross and Allen are in trouble - and possibly getting into an incestuous situation.

☣ ...

In a disastrous universe next door (or not), Lavi is not one for trust (though he would prefer that Kanda trust him) whilst Kanda is now open duped into trusting Lavi (though he would prefer that Lavi die Chernobyl-style if he should ever betray Kanda in any way, i.e. betraying Kanda. It's doesn't even have to include that shortstack; then again, Kanda has an open mind for eating shortstacks alive when they get in the way of quite the beauteous auspicious happiness.).
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