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master ficlist for d.gray-man high school au series, keep calm & carry on.

all right, so you found me. if you made it this far, then you've got to already know what you're in for.

uh, what do you mean no?

this is a master list* of all intents and purposes. actually, i am some crazy person who has written a few crazy things in the name of hoshino katsura's d.gray-man series and the nefarious alternate universes. you know, cool things that have also to do with not so cool things, like high school, and relationships ugh.

*clean list is clean, with such dirty fic.  titles, ratings, povs, etc have been noted.  ff.net has been linked for the epic ficcery**. you can probably guess the rest.

why do you keep saying no?!

**all fics n things are made public. reader discretion is advised.  just remember, keep calm & carry on.

let's start with the priming fic!timeline, which will (sort of) mostly introduce you to this particular world of dgm hs au. it's okay, life never makes sense anyway. it's short too, so you better read fast.

now with the priming fic!soundtrack, which will totally introduce you to this particular world of dgm hs au. listen to it, get the feel. got a suggestion? let me know.

furthermore, what you should know about au!lavi & au!kanda. [refer to comments.]

images of their world?

unsorted au drabbles!

lavi, kanda & allen's extracurricular activities!

fanfiction in order from distant time to present time:

Wanna Be My Lover?
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, PG13

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Kanda POV, PG13

Coddled Creatures
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, PG13

Just Want Your
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, R

Say We Wasted Time
Lavi POV, G

Cheap & Juicy!
Lavi POV, Lavi/Allen, PG13

This Must Be The Place
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, NC17

What Is Commonly Referred To As La Soupe à l'Oignon
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, R

J'en ai marre
Kanda POV, PG

Muhammad My Friend
Lavi POV, PG

Lavi POV, Lavi/Kanda, PG13

Lavi POV, AIM style, Lavi/Kanda, PG13

Lavi POV, AIM style RP, Lavi/Kanda, NC17

Lavi POV, AIM style, Lavi/Kanda, PG13

Esc (Enter Sexy Corazon)
Lavi POV, AIM style, Lavi/Kanda, PG13

Requires Sake
Lavi POV, AIM style, PG

The Shapes Of Your Body Parts
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, PG13

When We Were Rich
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, R

Déjà vu
Lavi POV, PG

Kanda POV, PG

Vertigo on Holiday Road
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, R

How To Wash It Away
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, PG13

Kiss Ass Business
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, PG13

Drops of Love, Hate & Fruitcake
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, PG13

The Art of a Novel
Kanda POV, Kanda/hand, Kanda/Lavi, R

C'est Dommage
Kanda POV, Kanda/Lavi, PG13

Death By Shoe Is Undignified; The LEttERs to Someone
Lavi POV, ?? POV, Lavi/Kanda, PG13

Chasing Rabbits & The Hookah Prince; A Brief Tail
Allen POV, Allen/Lenalee, R
Tags: allen walker, allen/lenalee, au.dgm, cross/maria, dgrayman, fanfic, kanda yuu, kanda/lavi, lavi, lavi/kanda, lenalee lee, lists
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